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Geoffreys Restaurant on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu

We've seen Geoffrey's a million times while driving up and down the Pacific Coast Highway. It is just South of Zuma beach on the West side of the road. For some reason we though it would be way beyond our reach financially. I guess it would have been too easy to call them up and ask for the prices. For this special occasion we finally decided to try this landmark (or so to speak). We made sure to get reservations in advance ?.

Traffic from LA on this Friday evening was surprisingly light. We cruised through Malibu and arrived at the restaurant. There is free parking on the street, though a bit dangerous since cars whiz by at high speeds.

We risked it and survived. Our table was very nice, right at the edge of the terrace, overlooking the Pacific. An amazing view and a certain serenity.

It is a bit weird to see other people's homes right below, but we were mesmerized by the ocean (as always) and never noticed that fact beyond that initial notice. Service was excellent at Geoffrey's. Our server was informative, courteous, quick, polite and not overwhelming. Starter bread was really good and we had several servings.

Our meal included a few glasses of Chardonnay, lobster bisque, lobster bruschetta, garden salad and the mussels. Even though the salad was not on the menu we were pleased with the offer to make us one. Lobster bisque and the mussels were very good. Salad was solid, as was the bruschetta. The meal was complimented wonderfully by the sunset and a quiet and pleasant atmosphere ?. Ice cream with their signature chocolate topping ended it wonderfully.

Appetizers were in the teens and main dishes mostly in the mid-twenties (prices). This is not much higher than in most dinner destinations in Los Angeles. A perfect restaurant for a special occasion.

We will definitely go back and enjoy the food and the surroundings. Recommended indeed ?.Geoffrey's Malibu
27400 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90265 T.


.Michael Philip is a contributor for the SeeTheGlobe.com web site.

SeeTheGlobe.com is a travel information web site and community. Reviews of restaurants, hotels, airlines and other travel resources are provided from first hand accounts.

By: Michael Philip


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