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Love Koshihikari Rice

I love Koshihikari.
Koshihikari is the premium rice of Japan, distinguished by its aroma, sweet flavor and sticky texture. Also, dried stalks are beautiful displayed in flower arrangements.

Koshihikari is a short grain rice obtained from the milling of specially selected Koshihikari variety paddy. The grains after milling have a creamy off-white colour and a sweet characteristic aroma. Koshihikari rice has a soft texture when cooked.

I love Koshihikari so much.
Have you ever cooked Japanese rice for your own?

Japananese traditional cuisines made of rice I've ever eaten are Sushi, Rice ball, Tendon(Shrimp Tempra Bowl).
Do you know other cuisine or recipe of rice?

I usually cook rice like below:

Bring a large pan of water to a rolling boil.

Add the rice and stir. After seven minutes, drain the water off using the pan lid. Leave for another seven minutes with the lid on, then serve.

But the rice I cook is not so delicious as that I have eaten in Japan.
I'm wondering why?

I'm looking for the best recipe of Koshihikari for a long time.

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Koshinikari Rice | KOSHIHIKARI.infocoach.biz. .

By: hotate_ikura


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