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Single Cup Coffee Makers and One Simple Solution

Wasting these days is something we all avoid doing, time and money are two very important things that we take extra care not to waste. Coffee may not appear to most as something we waste but think about it. That extra four cups of coffee, you brew just to get your morning cup of coffee, what happens to those extra cups of coffee, well they go down the drain. To buy a container of coffee that makes 270 cups of coffee costs between $6 - $12 dollars.

If you are wasting 3 - 5 cups of coffee a day you average a waste of $1 a week! With 56 weeks in a year that is $56 down the drain. Is there a solution to this waste? Yes there is single cup coffee makes is 1 simple solution. In regards to your morning cup of coffee how can that be a waste of time, most of us my not just need that first cup but we enjoy that first cup. Brewing a whole pot of coffee just to get that first cup takes a whole lot longer, most are doing other things while it is brewing but think wouldn't your morning go a whole lot smoother if you could have morning cup of coffee a whole lot sooner. The simple solution that single cup coffee makers offer allow us starting of the day on the positive side of time rather than the negative. Some of us may think that stopping for that morning cup of coffee is the answer, but is it? Stopping for that cup of coffee not only wastes time but money also, more money that wasting four cups a day at home.

First, how much time do we waste in the drive through and average of 3-5 minutes for just a cup of coffee that we could have already had at home if we knew about single cup coffee makers. Money how is it a waste of money, well let's look at it. A medium cup of coffee at a fast food restaurant, not a specialty restaurant costs $1.10 if that is one cup of coffee a day that is $7.70 a week when you can have a cup of coffee from home for less than .10 cents a cup.

So if we stopped stopping we could save $432 a year. Wow, all that savings through one product. Talk about savings, not only time and money can be saved but what about saving yourself some early morning hassles.

Single cup coffee makers can help you do just that. A simple solution to wasting time and money when it comes to our first cup of coffee for the day is simple. A product that gives you what you need, for a reasonable price that actually saves you money daily and may even boost your day with some extra time. Wasting time and money is not profitable for any of us at any time, but there is a simple solution to this problem it is single cup coffee makers.

Michael Brown Single Cup Coffee Makers Hot Deals Free Coffee Samples


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