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Your favorite mixed drink recipes

The world is full of different cocktails and consequently a lot of mixed drinks lovers that have varied tastes. Some people don't like their drinks mixed with other ingredients, while others love to drink mixed drinks and discover new flavors by combining different ingredients. In order to make the exact mixed drinks you want you need to follow some steps so that the drink you are making will look like it should and taste like it should. Here, we are giving you two of the most popular mixed drink recipes that need to be followed exactly if you want to serve perfect cocktails.

Cosmopolitan ? is one of the most popular mixed drink recipes and in order to make an exquisite such cocktail you need 1 oz of vodka, 1/2 oz Cointreau or Grand Marnier, 1/2 oz lime juice and 1/2 oz cranberry juice. In order make your favorite Cosmopolitan cocktails you need to mix all the ingredients in a shaker or stirrer and then pour the mixture in the glasses. You can also add crushed ice and all sorts of decorations in order to create more special drinks for your friends. In order to create the some fun special effects with the classic Cosmopolitan mixed drink recipes you can use some of the following hints and tips: ? Try to find funny looking glasses in which to serve your classic Cosmopolitan.

You can also give the glasses a nice frosted edge by dipping their rim into lemon juice and then into sugar. ? The way you present your cocktails is also very important, thus it is quite popular for people to add colourful decorations like drink umbrellas, swizzle sticks, paper flowers, straws and even sparklers. ? Adding colored straws is a great idea, you just need to adjust them to fit the size of the glass. ? You can also make a great use of cocktail sticks or toothpicks in order to twist or skewer fruits. ? Fruits are a great way of embellishing cocktails and that is why you could use them to decorate and add a twist to classic Cosmopolitan mixed drink recipes. Sex on the Beach ? is also considered to be one of the best mixed drinks recipes that contain the following ingredients: 1 oz.

vodka, 3/4 oz peach schnapps, 2 oz cranberry juice, and 2 oz grapefruit juice. In order to get a great Sex on the Beach cocktail you need to mix all the above mentioned ingredients in a shaker and then pour it into a glass of your choice. Before pouring the mixture into a glass make sure you previously add some crushed ice into it. You can also make frozen Sex on the Beach cocktails by using a variety of different methods like ice cubes, frozen fruit, ice cream, and always use chilled glasses and mixers. If you are watching your weight then maybe you are interested to know more about the calorie count in the Sex on the Beach.

The nutrition value is of course dependent on the ingredients and quantities consumed. However, here is a list of the calories found in a Sex on the Beach cocktail: Calorie count in 1oz Gin = 64 Calories in 80 Proof Gin; Calorie count in 1oz Vodka = 64 Calories in 80 Proof Vodka; Calorie count in 1oz Brandy = 64 Calories in 80 Proof Brandy; Calorie count in 1oz Rum = 64 Calories in 80 Proof Rum; Cholesterol = None; Saturated fat = None; Sodium content = Very Low; Sugar content = None. If you want to make sure that you are making a low calorie Sex on the Beach cocktails, you are advised to replace all mixers with fresh fruit juice, low calorie soft drinks and avoid using sugar or syrup.

Your favorite mixed drink recipes are generally quite easy to make and if you follow them exactly you will definitely make the best cocktails you and your friends have ever had.


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